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5 Tasks to Tackle for a Healthy and Happy Yard

Being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic has led many Americans to regain an

appreciation for the outdoors. After all, it’s neither fun nor healthy to stay indoors all day, every

day when you’re quarantined indefinitely.

If you would like to spend more time in your yard, there are many things you can do to boost its

appeal and make it safer and more functional. Not only will improving your yard help your family

to enjoy fun and healthy outdoor activities during the pandemic, but it will also yield long-term

benefits. To help you get started with ideas, here are five tasks to consider.

Hire a Gardener

First of all, think about hiring a gardening professional to come out and evaluate your land. That

way, you can get an expert opinion on how to increase the safety, beauty, and function of your

yard. Plus, if you find a good gardener, they will have a head start if you ask them to handle

some of the tasks that you decide to take on.

In a lot of areas, lawn care companies are deemed essential businesses, which means they can

work on your yard throughout the pandemic. And if you do all of your communication by phone,

you don’t have to violate your social distancing guidelines. Check the governmental orders in

your area to make sure you can have professionals working on your property right now.

Consider Drain Tile

There’s nothing flashy about drain tile, but it can save you a lot of trouble with your property.

Without it, groundwater can make its way into your basement or crawl space over time, and it’s

not hard to imagine the degree of damage this can cause. However, if you have drain tile

installed, groundwater will flow away from your home, protecting your property and saving you

from having to make expensive repairs.

Build a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are most often used to halt erosion on hillsides. While many yards are well-

suited for growing plants that fulfill this purpose, plants are not always a viable or attractive

option. However, a retaining wall can do much more than stop erosion. For instance, if you have

a significant slope on your property, putting up a retaining wall can help to level the land; that

way, you can use the land for an outdoor living space for lounging and doing relaxing activities.

Plus, a retaining wall can boost the aesthetics of your property.

Put Up a Fence

Building/installing a fence can do several things for your property. For one, it increases safety,

especially if you have kids and/or pets who often play in the yard. Also, a quality fence can ward

off intruders, and it’s an effective way to mark your property so that you don’t get into any

unnecessary disputes with the neighbors.

Furthermore, putting up a fence can add appeal to your property. Just be sure to choose a high-

quality fence, whether it’s a wood, farm, chain-link, or any other type of fence.

Add Some Fun for the Kids

Finally, when you have a family, improvements to your yard must include things for the kids.

And the possibilities for DIY projects here are endless. Consider your kids’ interests, and think

of any additions that will provide them with some good, healthy fun. Below are some examples.

● Tire swing

● Sandbox

● Playset

● Hopscotch board

● In-ground trampoline

● Zip-line

● Chalkboard wall

● Treehouse

● Climbing wall

The coronavirus pandemic has made life harder for countless people. But if you’re inspired to

spend more time outside, then that’s one good thing that’s come out of it. Consider conquering

some (or all) of the tasks on this list for a happier and healthier yard, and keep researching for

other ways you can improve your property and, therefore, the lives of your family members.


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