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Xeriscaping, what is that?  



What is Xeriscaping?  According to Wikipedia:

Landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation.


For those of you who are tuned into the ways we use water and are concerned about protecting water…. or just saving money on your water bill ... consider this type of special landscaping.  It’s more and more popular and we are great at Xeriscaping installations that will beautify your property.  It’s great for commercial locations due to low maintenance as well.


This special kind of  landscaping is important for all of us who want to be frugal with the precious resource of water.  We know how to build a beautiful landscape that will use very little water to keep it healthy.



Let us turn your property ideas into a reality. Whether you want a basic installation or a spectacular Xeriscaping, our experts can take care of your needs. 





Let our design experts transform your shopping center, strip mall, hotel, retaurant or other commercial faceility into a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will increase sales and customer satisfaction. 

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